Innovating Partners works to empower your mission,
align your message to a target market, and
achieve success and substantial business growth.


Business Consulting for Small and Mid Market Companies

For small and medium businesses, we deliver impactful results, employing business consulting that provides strategic organizational (people engaged) and results driven (activities). The faster and smarter way to achieve business success!
why us?

We’re Business Owners with a proven record to produce Sales Revenue.

Our combined experience has produced sales revenue for many SMB businesses. Our experience as consultants for both Sales and Technology, enable us to provide our customers with proven processes and strategies designed to avoid the common pitfalls business owners face.


Do you want to increase sales for your business? Here’s how to start…

  • Simply answer our quick Go-to-Market Assessment online.
  • Instantly receive a report with your results including tips on how to improve your sales organization.
  • The best part – it’s FREE.

A.B.M. Methodology

At Innovative Partners, our principles are based on a three-part methodology: 
Assess, Build and Manage.


Determine + Measure

Evaluate the current state of your business and layout future goals and objectives.


Define + Design

Evaluate the current state of your business and layout future goals and objectives. 


Implement + Success

Upon completion, we will implement and manage the solution(s) with defined SLA’s, metrics and KPI’s, providing a dashboard for success.

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Mark Acevedo
Sales Champion

Mark Acevedo

As a Go to Market and Sales Consultant, Mark Acevedo is the founder and CEO of Innovating Partners.  One of...

Michael Queralt
Revenue Champion

Michael Queralt

As an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, Michael bridges the gap between product, technology, and business objectives. His...

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.
Don’t let this keep you and your business bound to lackluster performance. There’s a solution.

The Innovating Partners Digital Transformation Workshop is designed to be an interactive process that helps business people and entrepreneurs
gain greater clarity in times of crisis regarding their businesses path, focusing on Mission, Message, Market using data science to develop a path forward.

The SSP is comprised of five essential elements that form the plan. These elements are become the foundations upon which the SSP is built and implemented. Our SSP framework will deliver for our clients a Strategic, Competitive, Accountable, Leveraged, Excelling sales environment.  The SSP provides these key components, along with the disciplines and metrics to hold your business and sales team accountable to your revenue goals.