Chief Technology Officer

Michael Queralt

As an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, Michael bridges the gap between product, technology, and business objectives. His extensive experience with startups, B2B sales management, product development, funding, and early customer adoption provides a unique view for any organization that is looking to design innovation and achieve new revenue objectives with scalable processes.

Following the principles of a customer-centric product, market, and fit approach, he has enabled numerous organizations to define their revenue strategies, adopt innovation and define sales and operations to drive top line revenues. His technology focus is on identities, authentication, privacy, and contextual decisions, and he has worked with organizations like the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology, FIDO Alliance, DC Government, and John Hopkins Advance Physic Laboratory. His business expertise is on consultative sales, understanding end user requirements, and sales processes, which have been defined by working with organizations like Xerox, Vanstar, Compucom, and many of their corporate customers.