Digital Strategy

How do you allow data to work for your business, support your business strategy
and build your brand and your customer reach? What does the data say about your business and your brand?
At Innovating Partners we analyze your data (what we call your digital fingerprint) to better define who is your customer,
where you find them and how to reach them with your product.  To find out how we can help you contact us.

The M3 Method

This is accomplished through a series of workshops that focus on each of these key elements needed to sustain and grow revenues. Our experience in Sales Consulting and Innovation Strategies has shown us that many companies falter and even fail due to a lack of clarity regarding their Mission, Message and Market.  The Digital Strategy works to bring clarity and focus to these critical areas of your business.


Define your mission

Through a series of Innovation Strategy workshops, we work with our clients to uncover and to develop a mission purpose for their business.  It begins with the formation of a mission statement. We do not create mission statements for the sake of creating them, but rather to identify the vital few critical value components of the company. 

We form a Mission Statement that becomes the culture for the company to be formed around. We propagate that statement, we culturize it within the company, and we communicate the richness of it to their clients.


Communicate effectively

How a company communicates what it does is more important than how a company does what it does.  We work to define and test your messaging to ensure it communicates to your targeted customers. We leverage messaging templates that bring your company’s products and services to light and communicates your companies’ value. 

By bringing Innovation and Consulting together, we work with our clients to develop a compelling value proposition designed to cause potential clients to our client’s products and services.  


Perfect fit in your market

Knowing your market and the nuances associated with your market is critical.  Gain greater perspective and more in-depth knowledge regarding your market. Know your competition and their strength and weakness’, develop competitive exploitation strategies regarding your competition. 

We will help you to develop a compelling value proposition to be used in your market to help you gain new customers. Most important, we will position your product and services so that they are a perfect fit in your market. 

Clarity means a lot to us

We do all this using best of breed tools and workshops designed to extrapolate critical information in such a way that it becomes obvious to you. All of our tools and workshops are designed to produce clear and compelling direction. To make the obscure obvious and to have a simple, clear approach that resonates with your targeted audience.

Our Strategy Explained

 Our focus is to facilitate the effort so that we can facilitate clearing away the noise that is in your business and get to the facts.  We leverage our tools, various innovations strategies and best practices to provide you with a clearer and more robust framework to take to market.

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If you are a small or medium business looking to go to market for the first time, then the Digital Strategy Workshop is for you.  If you are an existing business with flat lining or declining revenues, then the Digital Transformation Workshop is for you. If you are contemplating taking a business to market, once again, the Digital Strategy Workshop is for you.  The best way to find out if this Workshop is right for you is to schedule a free, no obligation call. 

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