Sales Success Plan

Innovating Partners’ Sales Success Plan(SSP) puts the structures and disciplines
in place to achieve revenue goals. The 5 Essential Elements that comprise the plan become the framework to deliver a
Strategic, Competitive, Accountable, Leveraged, Excelling sales environment.  

The SSP Explain

The Sales Success Plan (SSP) puts in place the key components, disciplines and metrics to hold your business, stakeholders and sales team accountable to your revenue goals.

The SSP is comprised of five essential elements that form the plan. These elements are become the foundations upon which the SSP is built and implemented. Our SSP framework will deliver for our clients a Strategic, Competitive, Accountable, Leveraged, Excelling sales environment.  The SSP provides these key components, along with the disciplines and metrics to hold your business and sales team accountable to your revenue goals.

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Your Roadmap to Revenue


Define Key Objectives & Desired Results

  • It starts with specific and realistic goal setting
  • Create a customized eighteen-month sales plan linked to revenue goals.

Process Design

  • Identify activities to expose the value components of the business
  • Remove steps that cause unnecessary friction preventing revenue growth.
  • Customize and document your sales generation process and integrate into automation tools.  
  • Develop sales outlooking methodology for 30/60/90/120-day sales and revenue outlook.

Organizational Structure

  • Sales Performance Audit & Alignment
  • Recruitment & Hire of Key Revenue Generating Resources
  • Custom Sales Team Training and Coaching
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Resources Required

  • Identify the resources required to meet your revenue objectives
  • Create customized onboarding program
  • Custom Advisory Services

Develop Key Performance Indicators & Dashboarding

  • Develop tools that measure and inspect performance against key company objectives and goals.
  • Create a culture of accountability within the organization based on performance.
  • Executive Management Dashboards

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